Year: 2016
Services: Logo Design, Web Design, Development, Marketing Strategy


How we built complete, profitable e-commerce platform.



Torantriebe is a challenge like no other we faced before. Client came to us being completely desperate, looking for solid partner that can rely on. Three companies failed to do so, until he started working with us.

The task in essence was to design, implement, optimize, then promote and further develop e-commerce multi store ( shop operating in several countries as with centralised management tool).


We started with a small test with Logo Design, then go on and on and it turns out that we understand really well and the cooperation is fruitful for both parties. After Logo Design, UI/UX and Web Design we took care of selecting servers and implementation of completed multi store.

That was only the beginning of our cooperation. Now we work on SEO/SEM optimisation and Marketing using Google Adwords and Remarketing.

Key Results

With completed store for first country we have launched marketing campaign with SEO/SEM optimisation.

  1. Only at first month every 1 Euro spent on Marketing returned 1,5 Euro back.
  2. Being confident with that we are working with launching store in next counties.


As a test for cooperation with client we started with easy to manage design part.

We have designed a vivid branding starting with logo, typography and colors that will allow its stores to become distinct and memorable among competition.

Web Design

We designed and developed fully responsive website. We took care of the appropriate behavior of elements during scanning while maintaining the 3 main break points.

All the UI and UX solutions were based on UI patterns adequate for each type of device the website can be used on, that includes desktop, tablets and mobile.

Project defining features

Our goal is not only to deliver a product. This is only the beginning, that is why we focus even more on developing and marketing strategy with days to come.


We designed and developed centralized tool that allows our client to manage many stores in multiple counties separately in one online management tool.

Responsive design (RWD)

Care has been taken with the design so all shop instances would work and look nice on any device possible, from desktop, tablet to mobile.

SEO Optimalisation

We prepared many steps to make sure SEO and Marketing actions can give us good results. So we took care of creating social media profiles, SEO optimisation with analyzing text content, adding page to many catalogs and starting AdWords campaign.

Focus on the main views

During Web Design process we especially focused on two most important pages.

Homepage will allow to easily redirect to whatever product customer is looking for and when it comes to Product page to support customer in making easier and more confident purchase.

More than 20 different views

The whole project was handled by us comprehensively since the logo design. Eventually service consists of more than 20 views, each of which works without a problem on a desktop, tablet and smartphone.